Tuesdays troubles.

It seems that we bent the shaft on the small tractor and now it is off getting fixed.  But after much discussion, my Hubby and I think that maybe we need to get the next size up tractor as well.  The small tractor not only can pull the bush hog, but also has the under-mount deck for mowing.  That is the shaft that got bent, because when we are bush-hogging the west side of the property, there are lots of small stumps and even smaller trees that we have driving over, and I don’t think that the bottom deck is clearing them.  The next size up , there is no bottom deck, and it would be used for bush-hogging only , Which would give us plenty of room underneath, and not kill the budget with repairs.  So we are off to see what we can do.

My heirloom tomatoes have still not produced anything, and I am about to go buy some regular tomatoes and see if they will grow in a large pot.  I also need to repot some plants on the front porch, and then clean and redo the small green house.  I want to put some gravel down on the floor, and get some plastic shelves in to store the fertilizer on, as well as potting  pots and other stuff like that.  I also need to repot  a few things there, and clean up around that area.   But first I need to buy a ton of OFF so that the misquiteos don’t eat me alive. They are really bad right now, and winter was not cold enough to kill them off from last year.

We have the chance to see a meteor these next few weeks.  I am hoping that the weather will behave and give up a clear sky to the northwest, because I would really love to see it.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


finished this prayer shawl


painting Naomi the gnome


finishing a jewelry box, that I redid


another painting in the works

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