Wednesdays Words

Yesterday and today do not seem to be as hot and humid as the few days before.  I have actually been able to get out and work in the garden and in the shop without too much problem.  I have gotten a few more of the small quilts done, and today I hope to get one more done, as well as catch up on two quilts.  Then I hope to start on another one.

I have been working on painting watercolors this week.  Next week I want to start on some acrylic painting too.  But I still want to get many other things done as well,  so I will be very busy.   I am also trying to take some painting classes to help me with technique.  Eventually I will get to doing the oil paintings that I want to do as well.  but I think that technique needs to come first.

I got so mad with some of the tomatoes that just were not growing,  that I ripped them out and went and bought some new plants.  I hope that these will grow so that I get some tomatoes this year.  I mean,  they were not even setting buds.  I also have started getting some of the beds bundled up until fall, as it is too hot to grow much right now.  They have been primed with Black Cow, and have plastic tied down on them, so that the heat will kill off any of the weeds that are still there.  Then I will start getting some seeds ready for planting  at the end of September.
By that time it should be cooling down enough to get something to grow.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


Another panel of the Mystery Quilt


painted duckling water color


painted night sky, water color


sunrise today with the moon and star.

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