Tuesdays Troubles

Something is in the garden,  trashing my sunflowers.  and I do mean trashing them.  Heads are being broken off, torn apart and partial eaten,  not just the seeds, but the whole thing.  Stalks are being bent , especially those that are not a thick as the mammoth sunflowers.   We have just set up a game camera in there to see if we can figure out the culprit.  I don’t think that it is birds, as they are not strong enough to break the whole head of the flower off,  but whatever it is, it needs to go.

It rained all day yesterday and probably will rain today.  I spent most of the day working in the shop, because the rain kept the temperature down to a nice degree and I was not miserable.  I got a quilt finished,  the block for the Silver Linings done, and started working on catching up on the Mystery quilt.  Today I am going to finish catching up on the mystery quilt and then I hope to get a few more quilt tops done.  If it does rain again,  I will spend the day out there again, and then I can get some small projects finished.

I have just about finished all the small projects in the upstairs studio.  Of course I still have things that can be done,  but as I call them One offs are finished.  That means that I just had one thing to do like reline a purse, or finish a page in a art journal, and instead of letting them sit there for more days then necessary.  I just got them done. Now I need to do the same out in the big studio.   I have some resin to finish up pouring, and a jewelry box to finish, and some bean bags to make for the business, as well as other small things that need to be done.   But I will get there.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


stormy weather and a dead pine tree


roses from the garden


Carolina Hot peppers


Dehydrating peppers


Silver Linings Block 9 and embroidery block 4


Silver Linings Blocks 7 and 8 and embroidery block 3

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