Wednesdays Words

Squirrels,  Squirrels.  that’s who is trashing my sunflowers.  We have had several hawks in the area,  but they have not been getting the squirrels.  So  I am off to buy a big plastic hawk to put on the fence to hopefully scare them away.  If not,  I got bigger fire power.

Rain again today,  but I did not get out to the shop for the second time today, due to my little puppy having to have a bath, because she had diarrhea and was a bit dirty.  So  instead, after I got her cleaned up,  I made some Fig Jam and it tastes really good.  So maybe tomorrow, I will get some more stuff done out there in the afternoon if the rain keeps up.  I did get work done on the mystery quilt today, and I am just about caught up with it. I would like to get it finished tomorrow and also get a few quilts done on the machine.

I  finished dehydrating the peppers, until the next batch comes out of the garden, and now I am going to work on doing some oregano and rosemary.  Then I will see what else I can find to do.  I am enjoying the dehydrator.  It is easy to use and pretty much set and forget as it has a timer. Which makes it really nice as the temp does not go above 250 degrees and that is if you are doing meat.  For Vegetables and herbs, about 160-180 is all it needs.  I would love to do some jerky but right now I want to concentrate on the vegetables.  My heirloom tomatoes have not done good this year.  I still have not gotten one tomato off from them, and really have not seen any flowers.  The volunteer plants have been going crazy.  I don’t understand why the others are not doing good.  Back to the drawing board as they say.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


roses from the garden


geranium on the front porch


sweet banana peppers and a cuke from the garden


more storm


first bird house gourd


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