Tuesdays Tunes

Well,  we have been having lots of fun here dealing with a cat that wants to seal the dog’s food.   DH had been resorting to using a squirt bottle to send the poor boy on his way to the other room,  which apparently he did not like, so he would go and pee in the dining room on the rug or in the clean clothes basket on the clean clothes..  OK,  NOT Acceptable.   So one day,  I just decided to stand next to the dog bowl while she ate and he sat down about three fee away and just looked at me.  So I got to thinking,  what if I stand here every time she eats and he does not bother her, I then give him a treat for being good?  So far it is working.  and thank goodness the rug in the dining room is washable. Which we are doing and the letting it dry in the sun, so hopefully the smell is gone.

I can tell you that it is always lots of fun having two dogs and two cats in the house.  there is never a dull moment, and  you never know what will happen next.  For the most part, they all get along fine, including the dogs giving the cats kisses, and the cats rubbing up next to the dogs.  But every great once in a while,  the moon will get to the cats and they play raceway through the house, giving the dogs a good scare.  and then every great once in while, the dogs will chase each other and literally run over the cats, and send them 6 ways to Sunday.  And all I can do is laugh.  Got to love them

Other then that, it stays very quiet in this house.  I would be lost without the dogs joining me in my work room,  while the cats play in DH’s train room. (when they are not busy sleeping on the bed)  Speaking of the Bed, the cats really can throw some BTU’s when they are sleeping, which is great in winter, keeping the toes warm, but summer is another problem.  Too Hot.  So they are usually kicked multiple times a night to get them off the bed, so that we can sleep.Of course I enjoy the warmth no matter what time of year it is.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


the girls











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