Mondays musings

We have had some weather over the last week. the other night we even had tornado warnings  in which the area f interest was about 1 mile north of the house.  A little too close for comfort.  But all the seeds are popping up out of the ground, and I still have a few more flower seeds to put in  I hope this afternoon or evening, and a few bulbs left ot plant and then we will be complete. ( I think)  I have been known to change my mind and want more flowers, especially for the butterfly garden.  But we went out to the Garden Center the other day, I an went a bit wild getting new plants for the butterfly garden.

I have been busy trying to get some more bead work done, and some quilting also.  This weekend, I cut out material for a new quilt, and hope to get it started along with the other one that I am already doing.  I hope that I don’t run out of thread before this quarantine ends.  I really need to go to Joann’s and find things that I need.  From special batting for potholders to ornament holders, to plastic beads that I use in the business, to regular batting, to backing for some quilts.  Hum.  You don’t realize what and how much you rely on the stores, until you are not able to go there.  I also have a list for Michael’s.

I found a bunny in the butterfly garden Sunday morning,  He sat so still while I took photos of him, and as soon as I turned away. He vanished.  I don’t think that  he realized that I just happen to love rabbits,(I even raised them for a while). and would fight for him if some other wild animal thought he should be breakfast.  Speaking of other wild animals, I had to shoot a raccoon on Saturday, because he was sick.  Not sure if it was rabies, or distemper and I am not sure that I want to know.  But I dispatched him with one shoot and then we buried him way back in the woods and made a really deep hole. I am keeping my eye out to see if anymore come out of the woods.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.




mosson a branch that fell into the back of my truck


purple Iris


buds on the gardenia plant

20200426_074543 1

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