Wednesdays Words

Well,  I feel like a horrible cat mom.   Summer our oldest cat has been acting out and peeing, where I don’t want her to pee.  so we took her to the vet this morning,  because I had reached my limit on the pee on the oriental rug.  The vet said that there was nothing physically wrong with her. and we had already tried the mental route (Paxil for cats) and she and the youngest cat Tiger keep fighting like two very wild panthers.( even with calming collars on)  So……..   We are going to move her over to the little house where no one lives.  Granted it is only 100 ft from where we are.  but there is no Tiger or Tatiana to bother her.  She will have two litter boxes .  food water,  possibly a few mice to chase, and toys, and we will be going over there every day to play with her.   But…. it seems like I have just thrown her away by putting her over there.  with no total human contact.  like no climbing on the bed at night to snuggle with her humans.  no sitting in Dads open window in his work room.  Even tho she will have lots of windows to look out of, and comfy chairs and a bed to sleep on.  I wonder if she will think that we don’t love her anymore, and that we gave up on her.  That is one thing I don’t want  her to feel,  because we are trying to help her stay safe from Tiger and stop the fighting,  and I don’t want to give her away to send her to the pound.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


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