Organization I hope

   Flower on the Sweet Potatoe Vine

              Well,  this week I finally had enough of my work shop.   I decided that I needed to do some cleaning up and organizing and getting stuff out from underfoot.  So I have been busy building some book shelves and some storage cabinets for all my paper crafting supplies and quilting supplies.   I am not done yet, but I certainly have made some progress with what I do have done.

               I also managed to finish a small quilt top and get it ready for the quilt machine.  I have another one that is almost done and I hope to finish it soon and get it ready also,  so that I have two to quilt and then get the machine going.   Getting the quilting supplies organized  certainly helped me see what quilts I still have to work on before I start another one.

             We actually got a cold front through here on Monday, and the temperature has been very nice.  It did rain a bit yesterday,  and is supposed to rain today.  but not the big rain that we have been having.  2.5 inches is a lot of rain with the ground already saturated like it is

This is who greeted me over by the chicken coop this week.  I have seen over 11 turkeys in the past few days and some of those were pullets from this year.  This big old tom was sure strutting his stuff.  I don’t know who he was trying to impress,   me or the chickens.  I did enjoy watching him dance around.

                Well,  thats all the news from the south,   
              Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.

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