Rain Rain Go Away!!

  Luffa Flower on the vine,  complete with ant.

               Well,  with all the rain this week,  ( 2-3  inches a day)  we are now swimming to the chick coop and the vegetable garden.  This was the first day that we have really had sunshine in over a week,  and its supposed to pour tomarrow.

               I have been working on some other quilting to get it done, and also working on my paintings.  and of course,  trying to get other stuff done as well.  The tractor is still not back from the shop and the grass is really getting towards hay height,  and with all the rain,  I don’t think we will be mowing anytime soon.

           Found a dead Red tailed Hawk out on the road today.  Eric,  one of my workers,  put it up in a tree to decompose, and hopefully we will have tail feathers  soon.  I am sorry to see him dead,  as I love watching them fly through the trees at the farm and down the lane.   So far this week I have seen 2 deer and close to 14 turkeys walking through the fields.   It will be hunting season soon,  and population control will be in effect.

                With all the rain,  I had not been in the garden and today,  I had to harvest some way overgrown Okra.  Going to try frying them up tonight, (not all of them)  and have them with dinner.   There are still about 15 or so left on the vine, because they are still small.

               Ordered some heirloom garlic and lettuces to plant in the winter garden.  Hopefully they will grow and not rot from all the rain.  The project for this week is to start cleaning the garden and get it ready for fall planting.  I still have Sweet potatoes, and Beans growing,  Along with peppers ( Jalapeno, tequila sunrise,and mini bells)  as well as Okra, and tomato plant ( one)  .  Going to try to start some heirloom tomatoes and see if I can keep them growing thru the winter.  I hope that I can.

          Well,  thats all the news from the south,   
              Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.

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