Cool Weather is coming

 Making treasure from trash

             Upon waking this morning, and stepping out side,  there was a very nice cool breeze in the air.  I really enjoyed it very much, and now I have started planning all the fall chores that need to get done  this year.   This is the best time to  transplant trees,  and work in the trees at the farm.  and also get a lot of burning done to help  with the debris left from the tree harvest two years ago.

          I also got a lot of things picked up in the workshop and I am pleased with the way it is looking.   I still have some things to finish but in all everything is done.

                 A good view of the new quilting area  with  several quilts ready to be worked on.  If I get them done  I can get to using up some of my stash  that is in the plastic tubs  ( or at least that’s the plan)  and yes that is an old school desk sitting there.
              We are starting to pack up for the trip up to the Ohio Egg Show,  which is this weekend.   Hopefully everything will go smoothly  and the show will be fun.   Now that I can relax from doing all the eggs.  I can get with other things that I want to do. 

Well,  thats all the news from the south,   
              Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.


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