all work and no play

I have been busy getting things ready for the San Antonio Egg show. I now feel relatively caught up. but I still have to get the competition eggs done and there are three weeks until the show.
Mostly what is left is the beading. the egg that I was going to use is not big enough for the faries, so I have a nice dragon that I will use instead. this will be rather a comical beaded egg.
I used a new program, called Bead 4, and turned some of my photos into beadwork. the first one that I did, which was a photo that a friend sent me, was sold before I even got it finished. I redid it with different colors and framed that one. I am going to do it one more time and then take a photo of the finished project and get it up on the website. I have two more photos that I have turned into bead charts and soon they will also be added to the web site.
I hope to have more compititions to do, I want to even do a quilt , that is something that I have not done in a while, but I think that it will be fun.
Off to to some more fimo bears, and beading.

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