Halloween, San Antonio Egg Show

Well, time certainly moves at a regular pace here. Halloween is just around the corner and I am just back from the San Antonia Egg Show.
The Egg Show was wonderful, and I got to catch up with lots of my friends. I entered a really neat egg for the Halloween competition. I did not win, but it was fun to enter and see what everyone else had as entries. I did sell some of my stuff, and have plans to make more to sell. I also have some cute ideas for midnight madness, or for a little make and take at my table. might help generate more revenue for me.
Now on with the ideas and the quilts that I need to do. I have several ideas for some eggs, one for a dragon and one as a sewing box, think that both will be cute. I also got two ostrich eggs to get one of my fairies in. I will be doing some piecing and fixing to get this to work.
I have a swan egg that I am going to put small pearls on including the neck. they will be black., it will also have black lace on it and has black lace already on the wings. Not quite sure what I will put in the inside. but I am sure it will be interesting.
( too many ideas, too little time)
the quilts have already had some cutting out done, and this weekend I hope to sit down and sew the top on one. then I will get to the other. I did get into my old quit box, thinking that I had maybe two more quilts to do. seems that I have about 5, Most are in some semblance of being cut or stitched. after I finish those, I have been collecting several quilt of the month blocks for full quilts. they look like they might be fun so I will start them.
I have seen some beautiful bead work done and really want to see it I can come up with ideas for some of the beads that I have Someone has asked me to make a necklace for them and I have a wonderful idea which I hope will translate into a very beautiful necklace. It will have a glass animal with it.
I just sold my seascape necklace which was peyote , with sea shells and a large glass turtle. The peyote was done in sea green and blues some was frothy, and some was wavy. It was very pretty and I hope my friend enjoys wearing it.
Well, that is all for now, happy beading, friends, and talk to you next time.

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