Teddy Bears, Bead Challenges and Contests

Well, even on good days, I can not stay caught up. I have been busy trying to get ready for the San Antonio Egg Show. I have been making fimo flowers and candys, as well as chocolate eggs and bunnys. I have also made some chocolate eggs from real eggs and made the fruit out of fimo that I put on the top. I am going to do a dealer table at the show. that means that I must have stuff on my table to make the eggs as well as eggs to sell.
I have some kits that I am going to have available also. a nice little beaded jewelry box that would hold a ring. and the french beaded flower kits.
I have also made some cloth teddy bears that are small and will fit into a egg.I need to make some honey pots, and some picnic baskets to go with them. I think that would make a really cute egg.
They are having a contest there on Halloween eggs. I have an idea for a egg which has a witch and some children in it, but I have to figure out how to cut out the opening. I don’t just want to do an oval cut on this. Maybe something with a bat or pumpkin with a stem.
I also want to do another beaded egg for the regular contest. but I need to figure out what I want to do. I have a really nice fairy that I would like to put in the egg.
The Wild West Bead Society is having their annual fall bead Challenge. I am not sure what I am going to do, but it will be interesting. Everything must be in fall colors and can not have been started before Aug 17Th. So I have to get on the drawing board and get cracking on this. It has to be a wearable item also. I think I have an idea, but I will have to think about it.
The Arlington Gem and Mineral Society has their show on Sept 4 and 5.at the Arlington Convention center. They have a few contests, and I am hoping to enter two of them. the wire wrapping and the Cab cutting. I will be working at the show in the auction area. Maybe I can pick up some nice stuff there also. I know that there is one piece that I would love to have. but I think that everyone else wants it too.
The wire wrapping has to be done in 22 karat gold filled wire. I got 22 gauge, 22 karat gold filled wire, and have a beautiful cab to work with. I really want this to turn out well. I have gotten several ideas on what I would like to do. so I am hoping that I can execute it well.
The cab has to be agate and cut to certain dimensions. I think that I have a stone that I can use. and I am going to start working it this week at the club house. I like to freehand the stones, but this time I will have to try to be perfect.
It will be very interesting to follow what the rules are.
So back to work . Happy Beading, or Egging or whatever it is you love to do.

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