Retreat to beads

What a wonderful weekend. I spent it with 9 other friends at a bead retreat in North Texas. We had a great time sharing stories, bead patterns and gossip. Learned a few more chain maille patterns and finished a chain maille bracelet. I also got several necklaces well as some wire wrapping done.
One of the wire wrapping projects that I did was a really neat ring. I used a cabachon and then wire wraped around it and the ring portion too. I really need to work on my technique for wrapping the bands together, but other then that, I did pretty good.
I still have a bracelet and a necklace to finish, as well as some peyote. but I am much farther along, and happy with what I got done.
Next weekend is the Bead Faire in Ft. Worth, Tx. the club gets to have a table there and I will be working there on Saterday afternoon for about 4 hours. I hope that we can get some more new people interested in the club,
I am going to get a design program to help with the peyote designs and with loomwork designs. I would like to start teaching beading as a second outlet to my creativity. I have several great ideas, but need to get the patterns up so that I could teach them. I am thinking of small squares that when added together, would produce something small but unique.
I also saw a pattern for a chain maille necklace that I think would look beautiful with crystals added on the chain part. I need to sit down and work it up also.
but first I need ot finish the floor in the den. I thi nk that taking over a week to do this project is just a little much. So I hope to work on it this week.and get it done.
there are still many more projects to do and many more to dream up. I really doubt that I will get it all done in this lifetime. But I am going to try.
I really want to do more chain maille. and am always looking for good patterns to play with. I think that I can do that, either through books or even here on the internet.. Also with the wire wrapping. there must be other ways to get the look that I am after without getting bored with what it is that I can do.
so, raising a glass of wine to all my beading friends, I will retire to the roomw where I put the beads all together. Happy Beading.

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