Tuesdays triumphs

I am making venison jerky for the first time. I have done most of the prep work and now am marinating the meat for 24 hours before putting it in the dehydrator. While it cooks on thursday. I am hopefully going to have a bunch of other stuff done so that I can just work on the kitchen table and finish some things up before I think I need to get ready for the next trip.

I spent the weekend up at Washington DC. for a funeral and think I may have two more to do this year before the end of the year. So I am hoping to get things done and get started on some other things started so that I can start getting stuff finished. I have to finish up my making artistic brushes course, as well as Life book for this week as well as get started on My Heart of Thanksgiving and doing all the journal work. I am hopefully going to get most of that done tomorrow.

The trees were changing when we were up in Virginia. I will have to check my photos to see if I got anything good

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