Tuesdays Triumphs

Got back late last night from Albuquerque NM. after being there for a conference over the weekend. I had a really good time and enjoyed myself so much. I got to play with my watercolors and also doing some collage work. It really was a great time.

Got home to lots of rain. We have had over 7 inches in the last 5 days and it is raining again today. So not much is getting done, but I am hoping that the weather will stop for a while and I can grab some photos from the garden. I am going to spend the rest of the week trying to get some photos of different areas of the farm so that everyone can see the work that was done. I am also going to get a few things done in my room to help get everything organized to my happiness. I am going to start a pile of things that I can donate to goodwill or take to the next conference.

I have started some bead work and hope to get a bracelet done in the next few days. I also have started a necklace, but it will be a while as I will need to get some more beads to finish it. I also have another pattern to work on and hope that will also get done. I have an egg that I want to do and one to finish, which should not take long. I also have a few pysanky eggs that I want to write and then start the dying on them. And there is some fimo dragons just waiting to be born out of my imagination.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

a flying blimp located in the airport in NM
photo from the plane flying home.
photo of the finished green house in the back yard.

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