Mondays Musings

Goodness me, will this cold weather ever end? it was 37 this morning and 31 with the wind chill. That is just too cold for Florida. But today has still been a good day. I trimmed back the fruit trees and fertilized them. I only have one that does not look good, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that It will come back because the stems are still pliable. I also have lots of vegetables in the green house, so today I uspsized all the pots and also planted some fruit bushes in there. I am so happy that the green house is done and I can use it this year. I hope to get my scarecrow built for the garden soon, I may need some more tin cans so I would love to get him started to see.

I have been taking the Fimo clay symposium this week and I have made lots of cute things that I now need to get photos done so that I can show them off. I still have classes un till the end of the week, so I will be busy making things all week. I have had lots of fun learning all the different techniques for working with the clay. I am also taking lots of notes.

I still have work to do on the Etsy store and hope to get more items added this week, but it will depend on how other things work out. Right now I have the other room set up to take photos. and then I can go from there. But a lot depends on getting some of the fimo classes done as well.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

all sorts of goodness in the green house

life book painting from Last week
one of my Chickens

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