Wednesdays Words

Well they are almost done with the wood up front and it looks so different, but really we don’t have much to do to get it ready for planting in December. I want to check out the little area that is behind it and see if I can plant some there as well. I am excited to get all of this done, because it will be great to have a really good cleared area to plant in.and it will really help keep things organized and the rows straight. I have lots of ideas to make it happen.

It is hot outside again and we will probably get rain. I don’t mind the rain but then the grass grows and the weeds grow and flowers get out of control and the ground gets really soggy. But the well is full of water. So I just smile and get on with living.

I have gotten caught up on two classes and am working on getting caught up on the third, as well as getting some bible journaling done and getting caught up there. I wish I could just leave all the journaling supplies out so that I could just sit down and journal every day, but there are other things that sometimes get in the way. I do get all my bible studies done every day, but the journal bible is much bigger and takes up the whole desk. I got to figure out how to do this somehow. I enjoy making journals and cosmic smash books. and I do have a place to set all of that up but I don’t put my bible journaling on the same area, because then it would get pushed to one side and never get done. and that is not an option. So to the drawing board for this.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

one of the many lizards that live outside of the porch.
pretty Zinnia
my bible study area.

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