Mondays musings

A Nice quiet weekend with rain on Saturday and cloudy the rest of the time. I hope that more logging gets done today. We are now up on the east side which is being clear cut and then replanted in 4 months. I am happy about that. We then have the trees in the back to cut and there is where the problem will be. the ground is very wet and they are hard to get to. so After they have been cut. I am going to allow the area to go back to natural hardwoods and keep the planting up here in the front. I think that I will be happier because I will not be doing so much damage to the forest floor trying to get the machines back there. I will still be keeping the fire lanes clear and I will keep other stuff like trees off the fence lines, but that does not involve huge cutting machines or heavy equipment.

After I cleaned up my room last week, I took one of the chairs out. It gave me more room, but the cats have not been very happy. Tiger used to come in my room a lot and sleep in the other chair. He had to have some mouth surgery ( lost some teeth) and Tatiana started coming in my room to sleep. Especially if I left the gate open. Which is actually pretty cool, because she used to just get in here and want to tear everything up. So yesterday Tatiana was in the chair and Tiger came in and could not understand why he could not get in the chair. After a bunch of hissing, which I ignored, I looked over to find Tatiana sleeping against the back of the chair, and Tiger sleeping on the front edge of the chair. Tatiana kept lifting her head and looking at me over her shoulder, as if to say, What is he not gone yet, How come I am sharing. Haha. I just left them alone.

I got to start harvenstingthe luffa sponges yesterday. there were about 4 that were ready to come off the vine, and a few that had totally disappeared, but about 10-12 more that are full grown and huge that are not quite ready. The weeds are so bad, that I am having a hard time seeing all of them, So I will start to weed in there in the next few days. There are still peppers growing and some sort of vine that is trying to take them over that has fruit on it, but not sure what it is. I will have to work on that later too.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

Tatiana and tiger sleeping in my chair.
one of the last sunflowers
a pretty orange Zinnia

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