Mondays musings

up early this morning and out weeding the garden. Picked some tomatoes and got two of the beds weeded and started doing the fence line, but the back gave out. so then I went off to the shop and worked for over 2 hours on stuff. I had two things to resin from last weeks Camp Wannacraft, so they got done, and then ( hold on to your seats). I actually started working on a quilt that had been sitting there way to long. and got quite a bit of it done, until I realized that I needed material. I did not have enough to finish it. So Stopped at the store in the worst thunderstorm ever. and went shopping. Not only found material, but a few other things that I needed to get some work done here in the house and in the shop.

there are 4 Tom Turkeys that are parading around in the backyard. like they own the place. I just have to laugh at their antics. But with all the rain that we have had, the bug are really think so they are eating good. I have seen s few ladies with there pullets, not very big yet, but in two weeks they will be. I have also seen some of the fawns this year, all spotted and looking so cute.

I have three projects here in the house that I would love to get done this week. one is to finish a baby afghan, that is the ripple pattern but using granny stitches. and the others are another Christmas stocking, and a diamond painting. It will be the last one that I will do. I have other things to finish up and get done, and then I will be done with them too. So slowly the room will get cleaned out and there will just be a few things left ot do. I think I am looking forward to that.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

Luffa, birdhouse and cusha vines.
grilling squash, really good

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