Tuesday Triumphs

Yesterday, we moved the baby chicks out to the big pen, They had gotten too big to stay in the shop as they were now learning to fly, and that would be very bad for everything in the shop. So now the shop is somewhat clean, and I can now get back to working out there. I have tons of stuff to do and I am really looking forward to the nice air conditioning to be able to work out there this summer.

One of the major things that I have to get done is working with some resin to make different things, Never mind the painting that I use resin on, I have found that resin turns color before I can use it. even the jewelry resin, So I need to find a way to keep the resin from turning color so that I can use it. Otherwise I will never get all this done.

I am still working on cleaning this room up. Yesterday Tiger ( cat) got up on the top of the chair, and quickly figured out that the cat and dog treats were on the table right behind him, and he would not stop worrying the bag of cat treats so that he could have them all. So somehow I need to put that in a place that he can not get to, but I can when I want to give him some treats.. He was being so silly, that of course I had to get the bag and give him some.

I am still trying to get a business up and off the ground, and it is proving to be quite challenging. I am not sure that this will actually work, but I really want to try. I am still getting the website up, and getting the first blog posts up and running.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

One thought on “Tuesday Triumphs

  1. Okay, I’m jealous! Those sunflowers are beautiful. Of course, you know if I were there I would be taking lots of photos of them!!!


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