Wednesdays Words

One of the items that I took out of my craft room was my big drafting table.  I need to find something else to go there, because I have realized in the past two days that I do actually use it alot.  the problem is that it is big and I really need something about half the size and a bit taller.  So I maybe going to the antique store to find something that might work.  I am not going to get rid of the table, just move it to the other house.

I really need to finish this room up because the way it is right now,  I can see major depression setting in and me not getting anything done.  So  I think that I will have to start getting some more cleaning done this morning, because this afternoon I need to get out to the quilt shop and get started on a quilt that I really need to get done.    I also want to finish up quilting a few quilts and I have another room  in the house to declutter.  I also have a few art projects that I want to get done so that they are off my mind.

I pretty much have gotten myself back on a good schedule,  now to make it a habit so that I can actually get stuff done.  That includes getting all sorts of artwork done and getting caught up on online classes.  I have a lot of classes and I forget that I have them.  Not good.  So now that I went thru and wrote them all down,  I might actually get them done.  Some are art classes, and some are beading classes and some are other classes.  Time to study.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


Niomi the gnome getting new paint


wading birds


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