Tuesdays Troubles

I worked on getting the two new bookcases up, and gosh darn it,  of course they did not send the appropriate number of screw and dowels.  So  I had to rob the second box to get enough to  finish the first bookcase.  But I do admit that it looks better there and does get two more big pieces out of my room.  Now I have to wait to get the rest in a shipment from the factory.  Could be two weeks.  Not happy with that.

I did go out and buy another tree or three for the yard.  I got a cherry tree that blooms to put where the pecan tree used to be. I also got a few plants to go around the tree.  Now that it has been planted it really looks nice.  The other tree that I got was a Golden Ginko tree.  I did not know that they would grow in the South.  I am going to plant it over in the secret garden or right near there.  I think that it will be pretty there.

I also got a Moringa tree.  Moringa is an herb that grows on trees.  This tree likes to be kept warm, so it will end up in a pot that I can bring around to the house when winter hits and keep it warm.   I have had Moringa before and it is easy to use.  You pull the leaves off and dry them and them crush them and add to nuts and other foods and eat.  I actually like it so that is always a plus.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


mexican petunias


a bible journaling


the new cherry tree and plantings



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