Tuesdays Troubles

or lack there of.  I have been busy just getting the little projects done, like today, I spent time getting all of the bird feeders filled and swept out the garage and wash a rug , and hung up some windsocks. and just about wore my self out.

Now I am going to sit here at the desk and get the model finished for the train club and then finish up a necklace,  after that, to the shop to finish up some binding on some quilts and  who know what else.

I am also going to take a online class in Calligraphy tonight to see if I can get some of that back up and running so that I can us it for my bible journaling.  I have some great ideas to try,  but I want to make sure that I can letter ok too.  I did get my quilt top finished yesterday, and hope to get it on the machine this weekend.

I am starting to prep the garden for winter and I want to build a cold frame for next year.  I have all the supplies,  just need to get it started this next week or so.  I also want to replant the sunflowers in another week or so  to see if I can get a second crop of them out.  I may need to sit outside with the BB gun to get ride of the squirrels.

I am also going to add another hoop frame ( trellis to the garden.  I have been using bamboo tepee frames, but I saw a really neat frame made with PVC pipe and rebar.  So I think that is what I want to do for the cucumbers and birdhouse gourds and luffa sponges next year.  I hope next year my tomatoes do something.  I am really disappointed that I got no tomatoes off the big plants.  I got lots of cherry tomatoes, which were very good  but I really wanted some big tomatoes.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


Silver Linings Quilt top


one of my pretty roses


Egrets flying over the house


Zinnia flower


Thanksgiving dinner.

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