Tuesdays Times

I was talking about the garden yesterday and I forgot to mention that everything has now budded and the beans are setting flowers .  The tomatoes seem to have a virus, so they are being treated with Neem oil,  which is organic.   The first set of beets are canned and the dehydrator has been ordered.  I want to dry some of the herbs that we have growing, as well as dry many of the spicy peppers, so that we can use them through the year.   With 10 plants of spicy peppers,  we do get a lot of peppers, and you just can not use them up all at one time.  I have ordered Luffa sponges, birdhouse gourds and Cushaw .  It is part of the squash family and makes really good pies, cookies, ect. with a milder flavor then Pumpkin.   I really hope that they will grow,  I want to freeze them for later use.  I hope to save the seeds from them for next year.

I had the worst tooth ache over the weekend,  I thought I had broken the tooth.  Then I realized,  Dang I am getting a sinus infection, so I went down stairs and got a frozen cold pack and put it on my face.  I even slept with it,  next day.  I feel great, and my teeth don’t hurt, and my sinus  start to drain.    I really hate it when my body pulls this stunt.

The Silver Linings Quilt is being run by Jacquelynn Steves  (https://jacquelynnesteves.com/silver-linings)  WE will do a block a week which is 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 and by August we will have a small quilt.  She is also having a few embroidery squares that we can do if we want.   I am excited to see what the quilt will turn out looking like, as most of the people doing it are using their stash to make it.  So every ones will be different.  We just got the second block yesterday, along with a bonus embroidery block on Friday.  I enjoy her work,  as she puts out several small quilts a year, in the form of a mystery quilt, and a Block of the Month quilt,  Both of which I love doing.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


first embroidery block Silver Linings Quilt






Henny Penny



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