Mondays Musings

Wow,  the next coolest thing happen this weekend.   I saw a turkey hen in the front yard and she was acting a bit peculiar.  I called DH to see her, and then he told me to watch her tail.  So I started watching her tail, and all of a sudden I saw the grass move and these two adorable fluff balls go scurrying under her tail.  Momma was moving two babies,  probably all she had left from 12 eggs to a new hopefully better location . Oh, they were so small,  almost the size of baby chicks and I think maybe a week or two old.  Usually we never see them until they are three months and then they are half the size of the adults.  I did grab the big camera, and try to take photos, but I am not sure that they turned out.  Those little ones were hard to see and moved fast.

The volunteer Sunflower is in full bloom,  the cabbage was eaten by the crows, and the rest of the head given to the chickens.  I went out to gather eggs this morning, and Blackie threw a fit because I made her get up off the nest and took the eggs,  She even attacked the little pan I had with me.  Crazy Chicken.  some of the girls are molting right now,  so I need to add some supplements to the grain to help with feather production.  They always look so raggedy when they molt.  One of the girls  Lacy, has two tail feathers left, and two wing feathers.  Poor thing.

I have been working hard in the studio.  The bottles are on the bottle tree,  the new flag pole is up, and  I have several projects nearly done,  including some quilts.  I am trying to do several quilts at the same time, only because they need the same type of stitch for some of the components.  Then I will probably go back to just doing one at a time.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.




pretty day Lily


Ginger Lily


another Ginger Lily


Quilt Blocks for Silver Lining Quilt

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