Mondays musings

Gosh,  I did not know that it was going to take so long to get better,  I guess I thought that I was in better shape then what I was,  but I am learning different.  I need to work on my thigh muscles to make them stronger so that I will heal better. Not a lot of fun, but something I can do.  I have also learned that pain can be a mind over matter , like when you bend your knee too much too quickly,  the pain you feel is going to be there,  nothing is really going to make it go away, except time.  and of course, you have time, but you really want to pain to go away quicker ( or at least I do) and like my therapist said,  you know,  you did that to yourself,  it is not coming from the knee but from the adhesions that you are building up.  so really you did about two weeks of therapy in one minute.  you can work with the pain, or you can let it consume you.   I am working with it.

On the up side,  i am getting lots of projects done  I have really working on getting some crochet done for the church. I do prayer shawls and baby blankets and hats for them.  Also, I am getting lots of journaling done, which is making me happy as I am using up supplies that I have had forever and am beginning to see the bottom of the bucket, so to speak.  I really want to get these used up so that I can start to change directions a bit on how I do my art journals.  I have also gotten caught up on You tube channels that I like to watch,  and have only bead ideas to watch now, with things that I want to make. Hopefully I will get to those this next week or so and start getting them done.   I also have lots of eggs that I can still work on too.

I don’t recommend forced downtime, but if it something that has to happen,  It is good to have things that you can do to keep your mind from going too crazy.  Especially if you don’t watch a lot of television or movies,  you can keep your self busy with artwork or sewing or reading,  which I still have a bunch to do.  But that will get done also,  just a matter of time and I think I have plenty.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

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