Mondays Musings

Another week end has bit the dust, and I don’t think that I got everything done that I wanted to.  I feel sort of out in left field and not too sure about where to go .  I ended up taking some really long naps and woke up feeling so confused about where I was.  I have not done that in years.  and the funny thing was, I took those naps in my rocking chair.  Just fell asleep.  Even my husband who came upstairs to wake me.  said that I was lost in a heavy fog.

I did manage to get my embroidery eggs done and on stands  and cleaned up my room a bit more.  I also redid some of my Bullet journal for the month of Feb.  because I did not like the way something was working.  Think that I have it down to a better method now.

I also did some heart jewelry, and still have one more to do.  They came out really cute which I am happy with.  I will be showing them off later this month.  I am going to work on some of my bible journaling, and some of the travel journals that Dayspring has.  I have lots of bible journaling to do.  I was doing good, but got a bit behind.  I also need to do some art journaling, and get caught up on that.  I feel like I am perpetually behind right now with that.  But I have some time coming up, where I will be stuck in the house,  so I am planning on working on that.  I am also planning on doing lots of beading, crochet, and eggs.

I have been cleaning the studio and threw out over 2 bags worth of papers and 3 boxes of magazines that are going to the Friends of the Library.  They have two sales a year,  where are very well attended.  Every thing they sell is donated, and they make money to put back into the library and buy new books.  So I always feel that I am helping  out when I can give them a big donation.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


some more of the 30 day challenge



cut away of the Wabash engine at Prototype Rails




Sunrise Sunday Morning




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