Mondays musings

Goodness gracious,  this is been a crazy weekend.  I went out the to blind on Saturday.  It was slightly overcast.  and by the time I got to the blind it was raining.  I thought maybe  it would clear up in the next hour or so.  While I was sitting there,  well, all of a sudden the lightening and thunder started.  Believe me,  I call the hubby and said  before you go to the meeting,  will you come and get me.  About 1.5 hours later,  my hubby said,  get ready,  I am on the way back with the gator. Still got wet, but l got home without too much problem.

I ended up going to the meeting with him because I knew with the house being quiet, and nothing happening,  I would probably fall asleep and have nothing done.  I enjoy going to the meeting with him,  The other gentlemen are very nice and I enjoy listening to their stories.

I have gotten my bullet journal started for the year, and I have just finished up an art journaling class for 30 days.  I am now going to work on another journaling class and get more of my art journals ready to go. I have several classes that I need to work on and hope to get them started soon too.

the garden is producing some nice carrots, and broccoli, as well as we have 8 volunteer tomato plants that we are going to try to keep from getting too cold and see if we can get some really early tomatoes  I am going to get some of the tomatoes from the over volunteer tomato that is over by the chicken house and start them this week as well.

I am also going to the Prototype Rail meeting in Cocoa Beach this week.  it should be fun and I have several classes that I want to take.

I hope to finish cleaning my studio this week also.  I am ready to get on to working with several projects that I have.  So I really need to clean first.

Well,   that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

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