Mondays musings

  Happy Memorial Day.

A bit of an oxymoron because I don’t feel like it is a Happy Day,  since Memorial Day is to remember those who have given their lives  for our country.  I find that I think of the families over the years who have lost loved ones to all the different battles. for freedom. and those that have come back not quite whole from those battles as well.

Having worked in the VA system for many years. I cherished meeting those who had served our country,  whether thru being drafted or just signing up.  These men and women have given of themselves so selflessly that even saying thanks for what you did,  does not seem enough.  But thank them I shall,  even those who have left this world.  I am sure they can still hear our thanks.

Yes, I have family who have served and some serving still.  I applaud them for their sacrifices, and am so proud of them for choosing this as their mission.  I hope that more people look to those who serve with respect,  because if not for them,  we would not live this wonderful life we have.

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