Monday musings

Been on a trip.

Well , got back from my beading cruise,  where lots of fun was had by all.  and so the story goes.  I was trying to get home from Miami, and I could not for the life of me find the exit to 1-95 north.  I drove around Miami  for about 1 hour looking for the stupid road.  I could see the signs ,  but could not get to it.  Oh the frustration.    Finally found the correct road, a toll road to 1-95.  Fine,  I have a toll tag.    then finally found the small sign for the Fl. Turnpike.    Once I got on that I put the petal to the metal and got myself home.

Apparently we had some really cold weather while I was gone,  and all the plants have frozen,  including the citrus trees.  I will not know until spring how bad everything is and if it will even think of coming back.  I may be replacing lots of beautiful heirloom plants.

I will show you some of my photos from the trip.   and tell you more about it in the coming days.


beautiful starfish


yellow crested night heron


sunrise in Belieze



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