Tuesday thoughts

Tell me and I forget:  teach me and I may remember: Involve me and I will Learn


So How do you learn to be a tree farmer.  How do you know what are good trees and bad trees, and how to you protect your assets.

All good questions and all answerable.   The farm is considered by the state of Florida as a Certified Tree Farm.   According to the state,  we practice farming with certain goals in mind.  These goals are laid out by the American Tree Farm System. (ATFS)


You are a good steward with 10-10,000 acres of woodlands. You care about your woods and manage for the long term health of your land. . All Certified Family Forest owners have a management plan that addresses air, water, soil quality, wildlife, special sites, invasive species and integrated pest management Request a property inspection with one of the ATFS trained inspecting foresters. An ATFS inspector will visit your property and verify that your land management activities meet the ATFS Standards of Sustainability.
Standard 1 is all about developing and implementing a management plan for
your woodlands, which represents the road map that will guide you as you work to
achieve the goals you have for your land.

The process of developing a management plan helps you define
your goals. Then the management plan outlines the activities to
sustainably achieve your goals and measure progress as you work
to keep your woods healthy and productive. Demonstrating a
thoughtful approach through your management plan is what often
distinguishes a Tree Farmer.


The ATFS inspector is usually someone who is in the division of Forestry for the State.  This person will continue working with you to help determine what trees are good and which are bad,  They will also provide access to Prescribed Fire Burns and  fertilizing schedules.  When we have had storms (think hurricane Hermione)  they will come and help you with cleanup and deciding if trees that have lost their tops can survive or should be taken down.  I am on a first name basis with my inspector.  He is always available to answer questions or check on trees with me.   I am waiting on my sign which I will post a photo of when it gets put up.


Well,  that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you down on the farm.


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