DIY Pincushions

 Evening on the farm

   Thought today I would share a little DIY  on making Pincushions from heirloom Napkin Rings.

   To  make appealing pincushions like this,  all you need, besides a silver napkin ring is bits of muslin,  a few inches of brocade or velvet, Lace or beads for trim , cardboard for the base and sawdust, wool-yarn scraps of hair for stuffing.

  For the base,  cut a cardboard circle slightly larger that the napkin ring.  To cover the cardboard, cut two circles of the brocade or velvet allowing 1/2 inch all around for the seam.  Cover the cardboard, turning in the seam allowances and use a whipstitch, or buttonhole stitch to sew the edges together.

  To make the cushion,  cut a piece of muslin big enough to fit snugly when stuffed and placed inside the ring.   Place the muslin inside the ring and glue it to the inside, allowing the top to bulge over the edge of the ring.   Then fill.with  your choice of filler.  When the ring is full,  Glue the brocade bottom onto the ring and allow to dry.   When dry,  flip the pincushion right side up and decorate with lace, beads or other ornamentation.

Enjoy your new pincushion.

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