What a week

Evening on the farm

   Well,  we certainly have had a week of it , Rain and cold with temps down to 26 degrees.   That is cold for this area.    But it is starting to warm up just in time for more rain tomorrow.  The last rain we had we got over 2 inches in 6 hours.   What got me was the thunderstorm that sat over our side of the county for 6 hours,  with lightening and thunder that rattled the windows.  That is not normal for this area.  Thunderstorms yes, but  they usually just blow thru.

   I have been busy in the house studio,  getting stuff put away, and finding projects that are about half done,  so I made it my mission this week to get a lot of them finished.  and was actually able to do that.

 You can see what Tiger the cat thinks of the cold weather.  All the kitties have been sleeping close to the humans at night. Better then a heater.

     Picture of the frost on the leaves .

                                  Well,  that’s all the news from the south,   
                                Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.

                                See you next week. down on the farm.

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