Finishing is Nice

Well, after much thought and hard work, I got two more pieces done. Both necklaces have peyote in them, with tons of seed beads being used. I am very pleased with both of them and can not wait to show them off.
The one necklace has a summer, beachy, feel to it, with using shells and lots of beads, it looks like sea fans and coral. The big accent piece is a green sea turtle that looks like he is swimming through the water. He is made from glass, and is really cute.
I have some more glass pieces that I want to design necklaces and or broaches around.
The other necklace has flowers that are offset to the side and looks like a garden. The colors are more fall like, yet I see this as a spring necklace. I would like to make a few more necklaces with these flowers if I can figure out how to incorporate them inbetween the stones.
I have been working on some braclets, that I think are lots of fun. Fun to make and really fun to wear. I hope that others will like them also. They are all different colors but the same basic pattern, which allows for easy working, but totally different personalities coming forth.

Have you ever collected the squashed pennies form different attractions, ( like the zoo)? I have got a really cool necklace design that is really easy to do. It incorporates beads and the pennies, as well as some charms. It would make a great project for the teen group and they would really enjoy wearing something like this.

I have also seen some great lariat necklaces and an going to try to make a prototype for another version of the necklace. I think that people would like these,and enjoy wearing them. I may also make a pattern for them, so that I could sell them as kits. I am still working on my other kits and really want to get them done. I need to find a good computer program that would let me work up the pattern in color first and then let me bead it to see how it would come out. I also need a program that I could scan a picture into and translate it into beadwork. I had bought a program once, but it never worked.

So I guess it is back to the drawing board now to get some more projects done.

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