Well, Time Sure Flys

It has been a while since my last post. I have been busy working in the jewelry. One thing that got done was that two of my great friends came over and we organized all the beads and beading tools and findings. Betty and Beverly got everything organized and five bags of trash went out, which certainly helps. I finished the closet and found more unused boxes that I have kept, so now half the closet has nothing in it. The other half contains the Christmas Village that I have collected over the years. I hope someday to just get it out and display it with out having to put it away at the end of the season.
I spent one whole day working on the idea book and got several of my ideas translated into Jewelry. I really like the way the pieces turned out, and only had one that I am going to have to rework. So that was a good days work.
I really like Egyptian Scarabs, and made a really beautiful scarab necklace that I hope that someone will like. I am working now to get all my jewelry online so that more people can see it. I can not make up my mind if I should go to Etsy.com or go to Ebay.com and open a store there. Which ever way that I go I will have a clearence area .
I still have many more cabs to wirewrap or bead, so I will still be busy working on new ideas.
I got beads to work on my first kit to see how well it will work out. I need to figure out how many beads I need for each kit. So this is another direction that I can take my ideas.
So untill the next time, Happy Beading

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