Busy, Busy

I recieved the most beautiful beaded Christmas ornament the other day.
The bead fringe was so soft and delicate, and the color was stunning. I have never been a fan of these type of ornaments until now. Now I want to get my hands on lots of pretty colors of glass ornaments and work on making these beaded ornaments. As if I have time for all of that.. But I do think that I will try to do a few. They may not get done until after Christmas, but I will still enjoy doing them.
I have been working on getting the web site up but have also thought about trying to get some of my work in a store near my house. Going to Etsy has also been on my mind. I really want to get some of my designs out there so that others can see them. Taking the pictures for these is what is the holdup. I never think that the photos that I take are good enough to put up onto either my web site or on Etsy.
I also have some small jewlery egg boxes that I want to get beaded. they would make great presents so that is something else that I need to put on the list . Of course this list has reached the length of my arm, so when everything gets done it will be a day for celebration.
I am also designing a cross that will have a gem stone in it and will be metal. I hope that it turns out nice. I have been working with brass and learning how to solder jump rings and other jewelry. I am hoping that this will open other doors for my designs to get out into the world.

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