Time for the Holidays

Well, Thanksgiving has just passed and now it is time to gear up for the Christmas Holidays. So much emphysis is placed on what presents to buy and how much to decorate the home. and playing Christmas music two months in advance that all the joy is going out of the holiday.
I think that I will spend more time working on my jewelery and trying to get things accomplished around the house. I have a small tree this year and really don’t feel much like getting the house decorated up. I don’t know if this is a sign that I am getting older, or just feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that seems it must be done by a certain time.
Oh for the olden days when everything seemed so simple.
I did get two necklaces done yesterday, and got more beads in order so that I can work on more different ideas for the jewelery. I have some fun things to do. but have been so busy that even the fun things have taken a back seat.
I have a few homework projects to work on and want to work on some of the silver jewelery before Christmas. I have several pieces of amythest that I need to set as well as some crystals. I also have a wonderful piece of ammolyte that I want to make a necklace for. so I need to get busy.
Lets hope that the weekend will allow me to get some of these done.

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