Crystals and the County Fair

Well, I have returned from a very soggy week of camping and crystal digging in Arkansas.
I actually had a great time. Altho the weather was bad, and we only had one good day of sun, the relaxing sounds of the rain hitting the tent really made me slow down and listen to what other sounds there were around me. We saw several deer, an eagle flying over the lake and 20 Canadian geese flying in to sleep. We went to our favorite place for crystals, Wegners Phantom Crystal mine and found a new place, Gee and Dees on Brewster mountain. We found wonderful
points and many beautiful clusters.
We also attended the small county fair that was in Mt Ida. Saw many beautiful quilts, lots of beautiful crystals and other crafts. The people were very friendly nad we vowed to come again next year.

I got several flowers made. but really just spent the time relaxing.

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