Idea books

I have many ideas for making things with found stuff. I wonder if other people like these sorts of things or am I off in left field ? I need to go to junk shops to find stuff to use, I think that i need to make an idea book with every thing in it so that I can remember what I want to do. I sometimes feel very blessed that I have as many ideas that I have because I think that means that I will always be busy doing things that I like to do.
sometimes I think that I need to retire and just play with my jewlery.
I am going out of town for a few weeks. One place I am going is to hunt for crystals in Arkansas. I hope that I find some beautiful crystals. the thrill of the hunt is just as much fun and camping will be very relaxing.
I of course will be bring some of my bead work. to work on. I feel the need
to work on some of the french beaded flowers.

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