Mondays Musings

Well, I have found something new to work on and that is Hydroponic gardening. I bought the supplies over the weekend to set up three stations and now have two up and running. The third will be started in a few weeks when the seeds sprout and start growing. I am really excited about this and hope that the plants take off and grow. I have also started growing mushrooms and am excited about that as well. Right now I have two different kinds and there will be a third kind coming.

I also have managed to get several small projects done and am still working on that. I found a nice system to put all my art journaling papers and ribbons in that will fit under a desk so that is something else that I will be doing this week, I am tired of everything in totes, even clear ones because they are all stacked up together and I don’t feel like sorting thru the mess to get to what I think I have, The new system has drawers so that I can just pull out the drawer to find things. Think it will work much better.

Tomorrow the tree company is coming to cut down the big 150 year old pecan tree in the front yard. It has rotten through in the inside and is no longer safe to keep up especially with hurricane season coming. I am sad because it is a link to good times with my Dad here on the farm. He used to boost me up into the tree to pick the nuts and to read books. and to climb onto the top of the old barn to clean it off. I will be finding a tree to replace it but it won’t be the same as the old tree. Still a Pecan but the memories won’t be associated with it.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.


one of the hydroponic systems.
sunflower in the garden.

2 thoughts on “Mondays Musings

  1. ‘shroomies! How cool! I hope those take off and really grow for you. You’ll have to keep us posted. Maybe I should send my ‘shroom heads to encourage them to grow!

    So, why the hydroponics on the porch? I think that is a great idea and wish more people would get into it. Lots of private farms [with roadside stands] could do this.

    Love the sunflower! I wish I had a yard to grow some. The dwarfs are nice, but not the same as the full grown ones. I saw some yesterday after church and I may have to go take photos of them, and hopefully won’t get told to leave, but they were on the street side. I just love taking close-ups of them. They are awesome! Thanks for posting photos of them. 😊


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