Wednesdays Words

When I got up this morning it was overcast so did not get to try for photos. And then I spent the day working in the garden putting in sweet potatoes, lettuce and tomato cages. Also the plants went in by DH’s man cave. it is slowly starting to dome together, next in the air-conditioning so that the temps will stay regulated. He is turning it into a HO scale model train room.

i finished my paintings also and now working on some small devotionals as well as getting ready for another big painting. Hope to do that one tomorrow. but I am caught up on everything so that is good. I am going to the bead store tomorrow to get some stuff and also want to work on some extra art for the Life book.

I finished putting up the sauerkraut and think we have enough for this year maybe. 12 24 oz. jars which should keep us out of trouble. I have a lot of clean jars so that I can put up stuff as it comes out of the garden. So that is a good thing.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

large painting
other side
Nice car at 43rd street Deli

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