Mondays musings

Well It was a rainy morning but I want out into the woods anyway and got some great photos of one of the bucks. A little far away, but at t least the photos turned out ok. I enjoyed the time out there because it was so peaceful and quiet. Did not get any journaling done because the weather was so damp and I did not want to take my bible out in that weather.

I have spent the weekend trying to finish up projects and still feel like I am way behind, so I am about to give myself an hour to work on one side of the rom and get it cleaned up and the projects finished or at least worked on again. and then I am going to work on something else. hopefully I can get motivated to get some cleaning up done because it would make me feel better about the room and myself. I am also going to list all the outstanding projects that I need to finish and start working on them either today or tomorrow. I really want to simplify my life in the next few months. I know that I have lots of classes to finish up, but Next year I refuse to add too much into my schedule so that I have time for me. And of course right now I want to go take a nap.

Not sure if we are having turkey for thanksgiving, as I have yet to get one, I am thinking a nice roast will work just as good. if I don’t get lucky. We certainly have enough of them running around on the hoof and a fresh wild turkey just can not be beat for taste. but I still have days to hunt, so keep my fingers crossed, I will get one.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

buck from this morning
pretty Doe

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