Tuesdays triumphs

Went out to the blind this morning, What a beautiful day and although it was cold I enjoyed myself. I checked on the water in the pond, We had 2.9 inches or rain over the weekend so the level was up which was good. The two pumps were working great as I could actually see the bottom of the pond for a bit of the ways. I got to only see does coming out of the woods but did get some great photos of them, When I check one of the photos, I think that there was a buck in the one, just a baby with little tiny spikes for horns.

I spent some of the time working on some of my studies up there because it was so peaceful and quiet. I love sitting there and reading and taking notes because nothing is going to bother me. and yes I am paying attention to the surroundings. I wear a set of headphones that enhance the noise of the forest and I hear every crunch and breaking of sticks all around me. Yet if I had to fire a gun. it cancels that noise out. Very nice to have around.

I have managed to misplace something that I was going to use in my art work, and I be darned if I can find it. I really hate that when it happens, because then everything goes on hold in my head until I find what I am looking for. You would think that it would not be such a big problem, but I feel rather lost when it happens. I feel like I can not keep track of the little things, how can I possibly keep track of the big things.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm.

little spikes on the front one

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