Wednesdays words

Took the pupster dog to the Vet early this morning to get her teeth worked on, and then came home and went to the studio and cleaned for two hours. I got a lot done, and found several things that need to be finished quickly such as about 15 eggs. I did get them sprayed and now I need to take the up-eyes out there and put them on and they will be done. I have about 4 that I need to finish gluing the design on, and I hope to get them done in the next day or two. I have lots of eggs that are already cut and so they will be worked on next to get painted and then designs on and things in the inside. I will certainly have lots done by the time I do all of them.

I can now actually get to the N-scale train layout and next week I want to start getting the wiring done for that. Once the wiring is done, I can add the houses and things and make my forest and hunting grounds. and add more buildings but before all of that I want to build my second level and get it up on top of the first level. It will sit about two feet above the first level I think . and will be an old fashioned steam engine excursion train. that runs through the mountains. Of course, I have to get the hubby to help with the building of all of this.

I have more classes this after noon, but hope to get several things done. I also need to take the box for the TV in and get it exchanged. The TV is not working, and since there are times that I want to watch it, kinda hard to watch it up here and get stuff done. and taking everything downstairs is really not working.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

Had to kick him out of the Studio.
Fire cracker plant in the butterfly garden.
My tree is blooming.

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