Wednesdays words

Got my self up this morning and cleaned the pantry. It had gotten way out of hand and I was getting to the point that I did not know it I even had stuff I there that I needed. So much better now, and I am way happier. Still some to clean, but at least now I can find things so that makes it better.

Finally after 6 years in this house, I got my first Banana spider. I love these spiders because they eat bugs and mosquitoes, which drive me crazy. I would love to have more of them, but I will start with one right now. I was pretty excited when I got to see him, I was going to get his picture, but of course he is proving to be camera shy Banana spiders, or Nephila clavipes, are known by many names such as: Golden Silk Spiders, Writing Spiders, Calico Spiders, and Golden Orb Weavers. .he banana spider web can be quite large — often up to 6 feet in diameter. These webs are incredibly strong with intricate designs. Female banana spiders weave the giant webs in forest areas, often along walking trails. They can even adjust the silk’s yellow hue to match the area’s sunlight conditions, making the web difficult to see. While this is primarily for the purpose of catching prey off-guard, it can also make webs inconspicuous to unsuspecting hikers. Of course hers is between the house and the gardenia plant quite high up.

banana spider facts

Today will be an art day, I have a class tonight and I am finally going to get my hair cut so I look and feel presentable. I also hope got to some self care in there somehow. I also went to the antique store yesterday and now have a few things to clean and put up.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

Ginger lily flowers
morning on the farm.

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