Wednesdays Words

Oh goodness me, why do the days fly so fast? Seems like I never really finish anything before it is time to go to bed and sleep. I would love to stay up and work so that I have more stuff done, but it never works. I have almost finished two bead projects and I have started doing the potholders in the attempts to get them done before next week. Ha, that might happen. and again it might not. I have three huge bags of the circles and I think there is probably 100-150 circles in a bag. Of course I am using 30 every time I am making one. but still it will take time to get through all of them. So far I have 4 done just since last night.

Of course the big tractor broke down yesterday and they did not have the part in stock, so they thought they would try to sell me the whole component for 1000.00 dollars, I laughed and said no, I just need the knob which is probably about 15 dollars. Order it. But of course with the tractor down I can not pile up the tree debris and burn it. so we are in a holding pattern . which then of course in three weeks starts hunting season and I wanted this done before hunting season started.

I have several books to make and would love to get them done this month, but I am going to Rochester NY for several days and think that maybe I should wait until next month to start doing them. This weekend I am going to a stamp show and seeing if I can find a few stamps for my collection, and then there is football. Good time to work on bead projects and get the done. Also any other small projects that I can do, because I like to keep my hands busy when I am watching TV or driving in the car.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

Art Case that has been Napkinized

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