Mondays Musings. Signs of the times

The grilling squash are producing like crazy, and they taste so good that I cannot stop eating them. Really that is not a problem, but. I am not leaving any for anyone else either. ( that might be a problem. The celery looks great, the sunflowers are starting to grow, the strawberries were doing ok, but I have made a decision that they are going back into the gutter system that we had before because the critters can not eat them that way. I am not talking about the birds, but the worms and things, So that is about to get done.

it wants to rain so bad it can not stand it. I will it would, becaus I really think that pretty soon, I will have all the back stuff done that I want to get done and then them my headache would go away. I have heard that we already have the first Tropical storm for the year out there somewhere. I have a feeling that we will get alot of rain this year for lots of storms. That is quite ok the rain will help the plants grow and start to be healthy. I have hesitated to get the fertilizer out until we start getting some good rain everyday. That way it will dilute enough for the trees and other plants. My gardenia bushes are growing and the one is in full bloom. I am enjoying cutting blooms every three days and bringing them up to my room so that it smells wonderful.

I worked out in the shop the other day for about 3 hours just cleaning the dust up. Now that I have that done, I am going to start getting some work done on the projects that I have out there. I have slowly been working on the projects that I have in the house and am really starting to get them caught up. I am much happier about that. Pretty soon I will have most of the back projects caught up and that will definately be a good day.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

grillling squash

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