Tuesdays troubles

Woke up feeling like I had be hit by a Mac truck. Uggg. But the day must go on. So I decided that I would start backwards and do my list and see if I could get stuff done that way. Should be an interesting way of doing things. I might even get a few things caught up. Now that would be interesting. I have lists of things to do, and I just might pull a few of those and work on those today although they have not be assigned a time preference. I also want to walk out to the shop and do a few things, like spray paint something. But today is going to be a laid back quiet day.

I worked in the garden yesterday and got the tomatoes planted and weeded the strawberries, Which had lots of berries . Had not been paying attention, They are not ripe yet, but will be soon and I am going to try to get a light cover over them to protect them from the birds. (I want those berries) Also started cleaning out a bed so that I can get the trellis built and the cucumbers planted. The celery and the cabbage is doing great, and the potatoes are growing as well. The onions are also growing good and the last of the carrots are plumping up. So no complaints.

I finally have gotten things organized as much as they are going to get organized in this room, I can now actually find thing to work on and do so as well as get my regular day done. I feel better about that and now I feel like I can get up and be ready to work in my room every morning.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

bracelet that I made
another funny face vase.

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