Wednesdays Words

Goodness, I did absolutely nothing yesterday and feel good about it. A bit strange for me to say but it is true. But can not type this morning at all. Thank goodness for spell check. Woke up this morning really raring to go and seem to be on a roll at the moment. Would love to get as much done as possible this morning so that I can spend sometime this afternoon dong some art and some beading. I have been cleaning up the bead area and found supplies to make a bunch of really cute earrings so I thought that would be a great project to get done. I also need to organize papers for the Step program and get my inbox cleaned up as well as look at the stamp circuit that came in yesterday for one of the countries that I collect. and of course the internet just cut out on me.

I did spend some time working on the Crystal book and started listing the crystals that are used for different things such as health, protection and focus. Now I know that this is not a science but more of how the people from many years ago, thought about the stones. I do find that there are certain stones that I can not touch without feeling sick or weird. Hematite is one of these. It really makes me light headed and queasy in my stomach. Yet I find rose quartz and amethyst to be very calming to me. I think it is because all of theses stones are produced by the earth and that due to the compression of the ground and heat that they do have some properties. Not too sure how you go about measuring them, but I might need to think about that. (still a scientist at heart).

I am slowly cleaning up areas of the house and putting things away, changing out collections and general organizing. this really is an ongoing project for me but there you have it. I think it will be done when I finally give up the ghost. Maybe before. I have to think who I will leave my different collections to. But I will really need to think about that.

Well, that’s all the news from the south,
Happy” farming” to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next time down on the farm..

Beautiful rose
little birdy
Wild violets

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